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1.  What is a certified legal nurse consultant (CLNC®)?
​A registered nurse who uses the specialized CLNC® training and certification in addition to the expertise, education, and experience obtained in the healthcare setting to bridge the gap of the attorney’s knowledge and provide insight into medical field.    

2.  Why should you hire a nurse consultant from Thomas and Associates Legal Nurse Consulting?
Every nurse is a certified legal nurse.  We have expertise in every area of nursing.  Some firms only specialize in a few areas, where we have expert consultants in every aspect of healthcare for any required legal nurse consulting you may encounter. Our services are tailored to your medical legal needs.

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3.  Why should I hire a nurse consultant when I have a paralegal on staff?
A CLNC® has a thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology, medical treatment, disease processes, and standards of care.  The ability to interpret medical records and medical literature is derived from nursing education and experience.  A CLNC® serves as an analyst, strategist, researcher, and educator.  The acquired in-depth knowledge of nursing, medicine, and the healthcare system enables the CLNC® to be a uniquely qualified key member of the legal team.

​4.  Why use a nurse instead of a doctor for medical legal consulting?
It is ALWAYS more cost effective to retain a CLNC® than to obtain a consulting physician. A CLNC® can ultimately provide more information and details for the case.  The legal consulting nurse has more knowledge in the standards of care in relation to all healthcare aspects from medications, bedside care, lab work, and reporting.  At Thomas and Associates Legal Nurse Consulting, we collaborate with physicians and certified legal nurse consultants specializing in your area of interest with each individual case without charging additional fees.

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