• Medical and/or Nursing Malpractice
  • General Personal Injury
  • Products Liability and Toxic Tort Cases
  • Worker’s Compensation and Workplace Injury Cases
  • Criminal Cases
  • Any case involving Health, Illness, or Injury issues
  • ​Insurance (e.g., reasonableness of a medical bill, relationship of a medical bill to the alleged damages or injuries)
  • Social Security Disability benefits issues
  • ​Family Leave Act
Practices of:

At Thomas and Associates Legal Nurse Consulting our work has a Risk Free satisfaction guarantee; if for any reason you are not satisfied with our services, please notify us in writing within 10 business days and we will amend your services to your satisfaction or provide a refund.

Thomas & Associates

Services include but are not limited to:
  • Screen medical cases to eliminate the expense of non-meritorious lawsuits
  • Identify and locate the finest medical expert witnesses to support your case
  • Present verbal or written screening opinions regarding your case
  • Facilitate preparation of exhibits and other demonstrative evidence
  • Analyze electronic medical records, policies, and procedures and interpret their relevance to your case
  • Attend and report on independent medical examinations
  • Develop reports and chronologies to emphasize the significant medical events and how they fit into the overall case analysis
  • Identify adherences and deviations from applicable standards of care
  • Help assess injuries and identify causation issues and contributing factors
  • Assist with discovery by preparing interrogatories and requests for production
  • Prepare questions for deposition or trial examination (direct or cross)
  • Research and apply the authoritative medical and nursing literature and standards of care
  • Serve as liaison between the attorney and healthcare providers, testifying experts, parties, witnesses and other consultants
  • Help prepare witnesses and experts for deposition and trial
  • Attend depositions, trials, review panels and arbitration and mediation hearings

At Thomas and Associates Legal Nurse Consulting we can assist attorneys, insurance companies, and governmental agencies with the following services:

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